Does a Texas DWI Threaten Your Nursing License?

When you receive a conviction for driving while intoxicated in Texas, you may face hefty fines, a loss of your driver’s license and possible jail time, among other penalties. Yet, if you receive a DWI conviction and also hold a Texas nursing license, you may have questions about whether the conviction could potentially impact your licensure.

Per the Texas Board of Nursing, having a DWI in your history has the potential to threaten your nursing license – but it does not automatically mean you are going to lose it.

Nursing license renewals

A Texas nursing license is valid for two years, so you must renew it every two years to keep it active. During the renewal process, you must answer questions about any disciplinary actions or criminal convictions you faced within the previous two-year span. If you received a drunk driving conviction within this period, you have an obligation to report it to the nursing board. Once you report a DWI, the nursing board opens an investigation to see if it is going to affect your nursing license.

Nursing board investigations

During a Texas Board of Nursing investigation, the board considers your conviction and whether it is a violation of the Nursing Practice Act. A first-time DWI may not have an impact on your license, but this is not absolute. However, if you have multiple DWIs, or if the circumstances surrounding your conviction raise questions about your moral turpitude, the DWI may lead to a loss of your nursing license.

The stakes are high when you receive a DWI charge and hold a Texas nursing license. If you believe your DWI may threaten your ability to make your living in this manner, you may want to fight the charge.

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