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Field sobriety test basics

A law enforcement officer who has reason to believe that you may be driving while intoxicated can pull you over. However, he or she has to collect evidence of your intoxication before arresting you for DWI. There are many different assessments available to help...

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What is mail theft?

There are many reasons why mail addressed to someone else may be in an individual's possession. Perhaps the mail carrier accidentally delivered it to the wrong person or the addressee asked the individual to pick up his or her mail. However, if an individual intends...

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Who can carry a gun in Texas?

Gun owners in Texas must understand their rights to ensure they remain compliant with pertinent laws and regulations. However, having an awareness of your rights as a gun owner can also help you identify any possible violations of them. For example, it is important to...

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Can you refuse breath analysis tests?

When an officer pulls you over on suspicion of DUI, they will likely request you to take a BAC test as well. This can include a breath analysis test, which measures your breath for traces of alcohol. This test can feel invasive, and you may think that it is within...

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Is jail time mandatory for a first DWI?

The state of Texas considers people too intoxicated to drive when their blood alcohol level reaches 0.08%. One of the potential consequences of a first-time driving while intoxicated conviction is jail time. Does everyone who receives a first DWI conviction in Texas...

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