Can a DWI Affect Your Future as a College Student?

When you attend college in Texas, you have years of exploration ahead of you. These are the years where you can experience life away from home. You can try out different things. You can test career paths to see which ones appeal to you most.

Just make sure you do not go overboard with experimentation. In some cases, poor actions can lead to troubling consequences. Such is the case if you get convicted of a DWI charge.

DWIs damage your change at housing and jobs

The College Investor is upfront about possible damages caused by DWI convictions. The first thing to note is that it does not matter if this is your first offense or not. A DWI charge will remain on your record. At a glance, people like landlords or prospective employers do not see that it is your first offense. They only see that you have a DWI conviction on record. This makes people less likely to hire you or give you a housing contract.

How DWIs damage your college path

That can damage you right off the bat when you graduate. But what about pre-graduation? Unfortunately, DWI charges can harm you even then. A college board may decide to boot you out of special projects or considerations. If you are receiving a financial gift or another form of monetary aid, this may also get stopped.

Colleges may bar you from using on-campus housing, too. The off-campus housing near many colleges cost a lot. You may end up going over your budget if you add your tuition and college fees to a regular rent fee. For these reasons, you should take DWI charges seriously.

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