Texas Man Arrested Following Alleged Domestic Violence Incident

For most families in Texas, the holiday season is a time of family togetherness and of new memories made. Some, however, may experience tension while around family. Despite this, violence is rare. Unfortunately, a Texas man faces multiple criminal charges following an alleged incident of domestic violence that reportedly happened on Christmas Eve.

Sheriff deputies reportedly responded to a call around 11 p.m. They say they discovered a male suffering from a stab wound and an unconscious female. Reports indicate that the female may have been shoved during an altercation, causing her to hit her head. While the male is in stable condition, the female reportedly passed away after she was transported to the hospital; an autopsy will be performed.

Reports indicate that a relative of the injured male, a 26-year-old man, was taken into custody as a result of the incident. Another male reportedly sought hospital treatment due to facial fractures. Despite the reports of the arrest, many details of the event are unclear.

The Texas man now faces multiple criminal charges as a result of the incident believed to be related to domestic violence, including aggravated assault and second-degree manslaughter. Despite allegations made by law enforcement officials, those facing criminal charges are presumed innocent unless and until sufficient evidence is provided in court to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Many people who are accused of a crime want a professional with experience with similar cases to help them carefully evaluate all of the details and create the most appropriate plan of action.

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