Man Charged With Family Violence After Woman Uses Pepper Spray

Families can be complicated. Often, disagreements can lead to anger. Despite this, violence is relatively rare. However, a man in Texas now faces of change of assault family violence in an incident that reportedly involved a grandmother spraying pepper spray and sending five people to the hospital.

Reports indicate that the incident happened on a day in September. Police claim that they received a call about a fight in a vehicle. The driver ultimately parked the vehicle in front of a police substation; it is unclear if the driver intentionally drove there.

It is believed that a fight between a woman and her boyfriend became physical. As a result, the woman’s mother, who was also in the vehicle, sprayed pepper spray. Ultimately, all the people in the vehicle — including two children — were transported to the hospital as a precaution; no serious injuries were reported.

However, the boyfriend now faces a charge of assault family violence; in the confusion of a physical alteration occurring in a vehicle, it would be difficult to determine who was the aggressor and who was simply trying to protect him or herself. To convict the Texas man of the charges against him, there must be sufficient evidence to prove that he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Failure to meet this standard should result in an acquittal. An attorney with experience with domestic violence cases in criminal court can ensure that the man fully understands the options available to him. With such advice, the man will likely feel more prepared to make the decisions that he is facing.

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