Texas Twins Charged With Drunk Driving After Deputies Injured

When a change in traffic happens at night without warning, it may be difficult for drivers to adequately respond. If there are multiple emergency vehicles in the area, the flashing lights can easily become disorienting. Despite this, two men in Texas who are reportedly twin brothers — each driving a different car — are accused of drunk driving.

Reports indicate that the accident happened at approximately 11 p.m. According to reports, law enforcement officers were investigating a fatal — unrelated — crash that happened at an earlier time and involved a tractor-trailer. However, deputies claim that the drivers of two vehicles continued to drive toward them rather than stop.

One officer was reportedly able to jump out of the way, injuring his ankle while doing so. One of the vehicles reportedly struck a vehicle in which another deputy was sitting. Both deputies were hospitalized. It is not clear if the 37-year-old brothers were injured.

Though Texas police claim that the two brothers were drunk driving at the time of the incident, it is unclear what led them to this conclusion or what the brothers’ blood alcohol contents were at the time of the collision. Though it might be easy to assume that they had been consuming alcohol because of the time of day that the accident happened, these assumptions are not sufficient to meet the high burden of proof required by the court for someone to be convicted of criminal charges. To help the brothers wade through the evidence against them, they may want an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side.

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