Texas Mother Accused of DWI After Parking Lot Accident

Anyone who has driven with small children likely knows of the distractions that they can sometimes create. Something as simple as handing a child a sippy cup can ultimately be sufficient distraction to cause an accident. Unfortunately, police in Texas believe that an accident in the parking lot of an apartment complex was the result of DWI rather than a tired mother distracted by her young children.

Police claim that they were called to the scene during the early morning hours of a day in March. The caller claimed that a vehicle had struck another car. It was also reported that the driver appeared to be intoxicated and had two children with her in the vehicle. Police say that after arriving at the scene, they observed the woman returning; they claim that neither of the children were restrained.

Police believe that the woman re-entered her vehicle and “appeared” as though she was considering leaving the scene.  It is unclear exactly what she did that led them to this assumption. She reportedly told police that she had consumed six shots of vodka over a six-hour period. Though police say that she exhibited slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol, it is unclear what her blood alcohol content was.

Unfortunately, the Texas woman now faces multiple charges. In addition to DWI, she is charged with child abuse, resisting, evading or obstructing an officer, failure of driver to exercise due care and leaving the scene of an accident. Regardless of the claims made by police officers, a person accused of a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proved otherwise. To be convicted, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt —  a standard that is often difficult to meet.

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