Texas Robbery Reports Lead to Criminal Charges

When there appears to be a wave of crime happening in a particular area of a city, there is an understandable concern and desire for justice. However, there must be sufficient evidence to support any criminal allegations made as a result. Unfortunately, a man in Texas now faces multiple charges as a result of several robbery accusations, among others, made against him by law enforcement officials. 

The charges are connected to a series of robberies, primarily against Asian women in a specific area, that are said to have occurred from June 2017 to Sept. 2018. Police say that the 41-year-old man accused of the robberies stalked his victims before robbing them of money, jewelry and high-end purses. Police suspect that he targeted these women because he found them easy targets and because minority groups may be less likely to report the crimes due to fear of law enforcement officers.

Some of the incidents, police claim, were violent. In one incident, the man allegedly bound a victim at her home and stole from her at gunpoint. Footage of this encounter was reportedly recorded on surveillance cameras at the home. Police say they discovered the suspect’s vehicle, two guns and a “large amount of stolen property.” The man, who was already in prison on an unrelated charge, faces multiple charges as a result of the incidents, including burglary of habitation, aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault of family member and burglary of habitation.

The charges against the man as a result of the robbery allegations, among others, are serious and carry serious ramifications if he is convicted. Unfortunately, he may feel unsure about his legal options. Because of this, he may seek an experienced criminal defense attorney in Texas to guide him throughout the process.

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