Gun Crimes

Can minors own a gun in Texas?

While minors cannot buy firearms in most cases, giving them as gifts is common, but is it legal? The answer is that it depends on the situation because the law does offer exceptions. In general, though, the Texas Law Library explains it is illegal to give a firearm to...

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Whom should I not give a firearm to?

Even in a gun friendly state like Texas, if you possess a firearm illegally, you could wind up in serious legal trouble. However, you may also run afoul of gun crimes in other ways. A prosecutor may charge you not for having a gun illegally, but for giving a gun to a...

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The price of carrying a gun in Texas

Committing a crime can land you in hot water, but when a gun is present, the stakes are much higher. Texas is one of the most gun-friend, states and even by these standards, the criminal justice system takes gun possession when prohibited seriously.  It helps to...

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