Will you lose your auto insurance after a DWI?

There are long-term implications for your future and your finances when you receive a driving while intoxicated charge in Texas. You will likely receive a suspension on your driver's license, but you may find yourself wondering about the state of your auto insurance...

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Can you turn down a breath analysis test?

When an officer pulls you over on suspicion of DUI and asks you to take a breath analysis test, you may want to refuse it. You may even think that it is within your rights to do so, but this is actually incorrect. Under implied consent laws, you should not turn down a...

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Can you accurately guess your own BAC level?

When you hit the town for a night of drinking and partying with friends, you may feel tempted to drive yourself back if you do not feel too intoxicated. More experienced drinkers are more likely to do this, believing they "have a feel" for when they cross the point of...

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