How Do You Navigate Your Drug Conviction During a Job Search?

After your encounter with Texas law enforcement, you have a drug crime charge on your criminal record. You do not want to let the charge slow your job search, but you recognize you must likely discuss it during interviews.

Chron offers tips for making a criminal conviction work on job applications. You cannot change your mistake, but you may change how employers view it and you.

Practice honesty

Even if an employer does not run background checks before hiring job candidates, do not lie about your interaction with the police or your drug crime. You never know whether a company may look into your background after hiring you. If your employer discovers your criminal charge and learns you lied about it, you could lose your job.

Use the comment section

Some job applications have comment sections for applicants to explain a criminal conviction. If given the opportunity, make use of the lines to explain your charge’s circumstances. Rather than wait until an interview, use the space to say what you would to a hiring manager.

Explain the situation

To help employers understand your charge and you better, explain the situation that led to your drug crime charge. For instance, perhaps this was your first interaction with the police and you learned your lesson. Once you explain the matter, share how the event changed you and made you a better person. Do not hesitate to share regrets you have about the situation and how you work to make sure it never happens again.

A drug conviction need not bar you from every job opportunity. Once you know how to navigate your job search with a criminal record, you better understand where and how to focus your efforts.

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