Will You Lose Your Auto Insurance After a DWI?

There are long-term implications for your future and your finances when you receive a driving while intoxicated charge in Texas. You will likely receive a suspension on your driver’s license, but you may find yourself wondering about the state of your auto insurance when you resume driving again.

Having a DWI charge on your record marks you as a higher-risk client to insurance providers. Learning about the effects of a DWI on your insurance policies will help you understand your coverage options going forward.

Insurance options for drivers with a DWI record

Your insurer might not cancel your coverage plan outright following a driving while intoxicated conviction, though your rates will likely become higher. In the event that you do need to seek new auto insurance options, some providers specialize in covering clients with a DWI history. These companies may market their coverage as “DUI insurance,” though the offerings in such a plan likely differ very little from standard insurance policies.

How to get affordable auto insurance after a DWI

While your insurance rates are liable to increase immediately after a DWI incident, you can work towards receiving lower rates by maintaining a clean driving record in the months and years to follow. You can also take steps towards having your DWI charge expunged from your record, though not everyone will meet the requirements to do so.

There is a high cost to having a DWI on your record. Seek legal help if you wish to challenge the conviction and protect your financial future.

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