It Is Important to Follow the Instructions in a Protective Order

The purpose of a protective order is to protect individuals from domestic violence. If someone is in possession of an order, it is important that he or she reads it over carefully and follows its instructions.

If someone violates the content of the order in any way, there are consequences.

Information found in a protective order

According to the Texas Judicial Branch, a judge may grant the person seeking protection a temporary order that goes into effect immediately. If not, a court hearing occurs, in which the judge decides if a long-term protective order is appropriate.

When the applicant fills out the paperwork to request a protective order, he or she checks the orders that he or she wants the judge to make. These orders can relate to family violence protection, property, battering intervention, children, spousal support and residence vacating. Some examples of what the judge may include in the order are:

  • The respondent must not threaten to harm, or commit physical violence to, any individual listed on the order
  • The respondent must suspend any concealed handgun license
  • The respondent must stay a certain distance away from the applicant, children or both
  • The respondent must move out of the shared residence
  • The respondent must pay spousal support while the order is in effect

Penalties associated with violating the order

According to the Texas Constitution and Statutes, the only party that can change the protective order is the court. If the respondent violates any of the order’s terms while it is in effect, there are various consequences the person may face. The judge may order the respondent to pay a fine of up to $500, serve jail time for up to six months or both.

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