Can You Accurately Guess Your Own BAC Level?

When you hit the town for a night of drinking and partying with friends, you may feel tempted to drive yourself back if you do not feel too intoxicated. More experienced drinkers are more likely to do this, believing they “have a feel” for when they cross the point of “too drunk to drive”.

Unfortunately, the BAC guessing game is one almost everyone will lose. Accurately guessing your own BAC level is an exercise in futility.

Different reactions to alcohol

American Addiction Centers takes a look at how different BAC levels manifest. They point out that the effects one type of alcohol has may differ from person to person, and the effects of these drinks also change depending on the type of alcohol in question.

This can lead you to feel comfortable with your own personal reactions to different types of drinks, and believing that you have your threshold figured out. While it is possible to generally gauge when you have had enough or too much to drink, it is much harder to pinpoint your exact BAC level.

Gambling on BAC

In most states, you cannot have a BAC level of over 0.08 percent, or you will face arrest due to intoxicated driving. But what feels like “tipsy” for you might actually sail far above 0.08 percent. Unless you have monitored your BAC level while intoxicated before, you have no way of knowing what feelings accompany the exact percentages of your BAC.

In the end, it is better not to gamble on a guess. No matter how much or little you drink, you should not get behind the wheel after drinking at all.

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