Where Can I Legally Carry a Gun in Texas?

The Second Amendment gives you the right to own firearms, but it does not come without restrictions. Each state has regulations regarding carrying, buying and using guns. You must abide by these laws to avoid losing your rights and potentially facing criminal charges. 

The City of Houston explains your right to carry depends on the type of firearm you have. 


You cannot openly carry a handgun in the state of Texas without a proper license. You can do it on private property but not on public property. This applies to your vehicle where you have the right to carry a gun regardless of licensing, but if you do this, the firearm must be out of view. 

If you secure a license, you can carry it openly or concealed in any place not prohibited by law or rule. 

Long guns

A long gun is any firearm that requires both hands to operate. The rules for carrying this type of weapon do not make it illegal to open carry in public. The only restrictions for carrying may come from property owner rules or other state laws specific to certain locations, such as schools. 


If the law gives you the right to carry a gun, you still must obey laws or property rules that state you cannot carry. Property owners must display signage to inform you they do not allow carrying of firearms on the property. If signs are present and conform with the Texas Penal Code, you must obey them and any request for you to leave or you could face criminal charges for trespassing. 

Gun rights are not without limits. It is essential to ensure you follow the law when carrying to avoid criminal charges. 

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