Are You Eligible for DWI/Drug Court in Collin County?

When Texas authorities charge you with driving under the influence or a drug-related offense and the charge leads to a conviction, you may face jail time, steep fines and other penalties. Depending on circumstances and whether you meet eligibility requirements, you may be able to avoid going to jail or prison by instead enrolling in Collin County’s DWI/drug court.

Per Collin County, the county’s DWI/drug court program gives eligible drunk driving or drug offenders an opportunity to work through their substance issues without having to go to jail. The court accepts offenders who are likely to re-offend without intervention.

Eligibility factors

For inclusion consideration in Collin County’s DWI/drug court, you must be a resident of the county. You also must demonstrate a willingness to overcome your alcohol or substance dependency. Before gaining entry into DWI/drug court, you have to undergo a Substance Abuse Evaluation. Also, you need to be facing one of several specific alcohol- or drug-related charges, although the county may consider some exceptions.

Exclusionary factors

Certain circumstances prevent you from being able to enroll in Collin County’s DWI/drug court. Having outstanding warrants or charges in other jurisdictions makes you ineligible for inclusion.  Having pending felony charges in any jurisdiction does the same. If you have certain mental health issues or violent or felony sexual offenses in your history, these, too, prevent you from joining drug court in Collin County.

Should you gain entry into Collin County’s DWI/drug court, you should expect to receive an occupational driver’s license you may use during the court’s duration.

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