Seeking Employment With a Record of Drug Possession

Finding a new job can cause anyone a bit of anxiety, but especially people with a criminal record in Texas. Particularly for those who have charges of drug possession on their record, discrimination may prevent them from even the slightest chance of proving their qualifications for a job.

Even with a criminal background, every applicant deserves an equal opportunity to market their skills to a potential employer.

Addressing criminal charges

Discussing one’s criminal past may seem embarrassing at the very least, but the manner in which applicants address charges about their record can make a difference in their ability to establish a likable reputation. According to Career Trend, perhaps the most important advice people should remember is to never lie about their situation. Lying on an application or during an interview can further damage credibility. If people do get a job and their employer discovers they lied about their past, the offense could compromise their job.

When people need to answer questions about their drug charges or address their situation on an application, they should apply the following suggestions:

  • Provide only as much detail as requested and nothing more
  • Speak confidently and professionally
  • Share how their experience helped develop character

The Fair Chance Business Pledge

With many employers realizing the value of looking beyond a person’s record, more businesses have implemented different strategies for addressing the criminal pasts of their candidates. For example, some companies participated in signing the Fair Chance Business Pledge. According to, this pledge encourages businesses to participate in practices such as “banning the box” and waiting until later in the hiring process to discuss a candidate’s criminal past. This allows businesses to get to know the candidate and see the potential of his or her qualifications without the temptation to form judgments based on a criminal record.

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