Are You Eligible for DWI/Drug Court in Collin County?

As someone facing a drug charge or a charge for driving while intoxicated in Texas, you may have understandable fears about the sanctions you may face if convicted. Because traditional methods of punishment have had little effect on the state’s drug and drunk driving offenders, Collin County enacted a DWI/drug court that seeks to hold offenders accountable while helping them get better.

According to Collin County, DWI/drug courts help offenders who face a high risk of reoffending by addressing the root causes of their criminal behavior. Drunk driving is often the result of alcoholism, while criminal acts often stem from a substance abuse dependency.

How DWI/drug court works

If you gain inclusion into DWI/drug court, expect to have to undergo regular, intensive treatment and counseling. You should also plan to have to submit to random alcohol or drug tests throughout the program’s duration, and you also need to make periodic appearances in front of court staff.

How DWI/drug court determines eligibility

To potentially be eligible for DWI/drug court in Collin County, you must be a county resident who has a wiliness to participate and improve yourself. You also need to take a Substance Abuse Evaluation before gaining acceptance, and you must be facing a specific type of drug charge, although the county may consider some alternative charges.

Charges that may warrant inclusion in DWI/drug court include a first-time DWI that involves either a crash or a high blood alcohol content. A first-time drug-related DWI may also meet eligibility requirements, and so, too, might a second offense for misdemeanor drug possession.

Even if you meet these eligibility requirements, keep in mind that there is a separate list of criteria that may disqualify you from inclusion in the program.

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