Are You Familiar With Gun Laws in Texas?

The Lone Star State has some of the least restrictive laws in the United States when it comes to owning firearms. Even so, there are still laws regarding gun ownership and permissible firearms.

If you are considering purchasing a gun, be aware of the state laws regarding what is and is not legal.

Who is not eligible for gun ownership in Texas?

While most people in Texas can own guns, FindLaw points out that there are three situations where someone cannot legally own a gun. First, if you are a convicted felon, you must wait until 5 years pass from your release or parole before you may purchase a gun. Second, if you are a minor, you must have parental consent to have a legal firearm. Lastly, anyone currently incarcerated in a penal institution is automatically committing a criminal offense if they have a firearm of any kind.

What guns are illegal to own in Texas?

While there are some exceptions, such as curio or relic items, if the authorities find you with any of the following types of weapons, you may face a weapons charge and severe penalties:

  • Machine guns
  • Guns loaded with armor-piercing ammo
  • Short barrels
  • Silencers on your firearms
  • Devices that dispense chemicals
  • Devices meant for tire deflation

Do I need a permit to carry a firearm in Texas?

If you are a Texas resident and carry a longarm, you do not need to obtain any additional licenses. If you want to carry a handgun, however, you must go through the proper channels to receive a license to carry your handgun.

For those with questions regarding the legality of firearms, it may be a good idea to talk to someone with extensive knowledge on the subject.

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