Do You Need Classes for Your License to Carry a Firearm?

Texas has some of the most lenient laws in the country when it comes to your right to carry a firearm. Despite the impressions many out-of-staters may have, however, not just anybody is allowed to own a gun in this state.

If you want to possess a firearm in Texas, you first need to obtain a Texas License to Carry a Handgun. This does require some degree of training.

Requirements for an LTC

Before you go spending your money on classes for an LTC, you should make sure you satisfy the rest of the state’s eligibility requirements. The Texas Department of Public Safety points out that some protective orders or psychological diagnoses may prohibit you fromĀ obtaining an LTC.

If you are on probation or have some pending criminal charges, you may be barred from getting an LTC. In order to own a firearm in Texas, you must be an adult over the age of 21. Any felony convictions on your record can be prohibitive when it comes to owning a firearm.

Taking classes to get an LTC

If you can pass the check for all of the above factors, you still need to complete the required training, pay the required fees and submit an application. You do have the option of taking your classes online, but only through an Approved Online Course Provider.

Once you have passed an approved basic firearms safety training course, you will still need to complete one to two hours of a range instruction class. The final step will then be to demonstrate to a Texas Qualified LTC Instructor that you are proficient in shooting a handgun. If you complete all of this, you may be able to get your LTC.

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