Can Domestic Violence Affect Your Finances?

Domestic violence damages those who suffer it in a number of ways. It can affect you physically, mentally and financially. It is the financial strain of domestic violence that people think less of when considering the problem of domestic violence in a relationship.

According to Forbes, there is a substantial financial impact.

Domestic violence affects education

Your partner’s violence can interfere with your education. When you do not have an education, you may find it harder to find work, particularly higher paying jobs. The violence can limit your future or your ability to finish school. If you cannot find a higher paying job, you may be unable to financially support yourself. This is a tactic that can keep people in domestic violence situations because they have no financial independence.

Domestic violence impacts the ability to work

In a survey, over 80 percent of the people involved said that abusive partners had affected their ability to work. Your partner may stop you from holding down a job or they may cause you to lose your job. This tactic prevents victims from pursuing career aspirations or earning money. When a person cannot work, it makes him or her financially dependent on the other person. If your partner finds ways to interrupt your career path, it can be a sign that he or she wants control over your life.

Domestic violence can damage credit

In relationships where domestic violence occurs, financial abuse is common. Your partner may steal your money or damage your credit. When someone does this, it leaves the other person financially dependent.

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