What Ways Do the Law Help Protect Domestic Violence Victims?

It is incredibly difficult to get out of a domestic violence situation without help from the outside. You need resources to enable you to get out and move on. 

Luckily, there are many resources available to you from the government. The Dallas Morning News explains there is a range of laws that help to provide you with services that can assist you to escape from domestic violence. 

Protection laws

Probably the best-known type of protection that the law affords you is the ability to get a protective order. This order will give you some power in the event that your abuser tries to contact you in any way. The law even protects your pets. 

There are also laws that protect you in the event that you try to call for help and your abuser stops you from doing so. For example, if your abuser intercepts the phone from you and hangs up on an emergency provider, he or she could face criminal charges for the interference. 

Intervention laws

Officers also can intervene and protect you by arresting your abuser without a warrant. If an officer has probable cause to believe the person is abusing you, then there is no need for a warrant and he or she can take your abuser into custody. 

The state also has programs to help both you and your abuser. Programs may work to help the abuser change his or her behavior while also offering you help to get away from the situation. Specifically, you have access to shelters, which get funding from state lawmakers. 

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