Texas Man Suspected of Drunk Driving After Officer Injured

Most police officers in Texas and across the country are dedicated to ensuring their job duties are completed to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, many of their different duties could place their lives as risk. In fact, a police officer responding to a call about debris on the interstate was recently injured while doing so. A driver reportedly involved in the incident now faces multiple accusations, including drunk driving.

The incident happened on a Saturday night in May. Reports indicate that the officer responded to the call about debris at approximately 9:45 p.m. Unfortunately, she was reportedly struck by a vehicle driven by a 58-year-old man soon after. Reports indicate that the force of the collision severed the woman’s right leg above her knee.

A nurse passing by was able to apply a tourniquet — a move that some claim saved the officer’s life. She was then transported to the hospital where is is stable but will ultimately require more surgeries in the future. The driver, who police say cooperated with investigators and has no criminal record, now faces charges of failure to slow causing serious bodily injury and intoxication assault on a public servant.

Despite the allegations against the man, there are many details about the incident that are unclear, including what led police to suspect that the man was under the influence. As a result of the drunk driving and other allegations against the Texas man, he is now left facing multiple decisions that he may feel unprepared to make without the help of a professional with experience with the criminal justice system. Such an individual can help him carefully examine the case against him and determine the response that is most appropriate to his situation.

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