Domestic Disturbance: Texas Woman Charged With Kidnapping

For many people in Texas and across the country, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is spent with family members and friends to celebrate love. However, the day allegedly sparked an event that left one woman facing criminal charges in what police describe as a domestic disturbance. Charges against the woman include¬†aggravated kidnapping.

The alleged incident is said to have involved a 59-year-old man and a 43-year-old woman. Law enforcement officers claim that the pair had known each other for approximately 17 years. The woman, according to reports, lived in the man’s home periodically over that time frame.

Unfortunately, the man claims that the woman held him at gunpoint in his home for approximately two weeks starting with Valentine’s Day. Reports claim that the man was ultimately able to escape to a neighbor’s house. Following his reported escape, he is said to have received treatment for injuries that are allegedly consistent “with being bound and beaten.”

Though the woman has been arrested and charged as a result of the alleged domestic disturbance, many of the details regarding the incident remain unclear, including a potential motive. Now the woman is left examining the details of the case, including the evidence against her, and creating a plan of action. Without legal experience, it is often difficult for people in Texas to make informed decisions about their case. A professional can ensure that those facing criminal charges are fully aware of their options, potentially including fighting the charges in court of negotiating for a plea deal.

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