Drunk Driving Suspected in Texas Crash that Injured Woman

There are a variety of different ways to legally use the roads and sidewalks in Texas and across the country. Despite the legality of certain modes of transportation, however, some — such as scooters — may be more difficult for drivers of more traditional motor vehicles to see because of their smaller size. Lack of physical protections can mean that a collision involving them will result in injury. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials in Texas believe that drunk driving was a factor in a recent crash involving a woman on a scooter.

The incident reportedly happened on a day in late June. According to police reports, a 24-year-old man attempted a left turn from a lane designated as straight only. Unfortunately, it is believed that he struck a woman riding a scooter in the crosswalk.

The vehicle reportedly drove on top of the woman, resulting in a skull fracture and severe abrasions. One officer claims he smelled alcohol on the driver who reportedly admitted that he had been drinking. It is unclear what his blood alcohol content was at the time of the collision.

Reports indicate that the man was no longer in police custody in the days following the accident. However, it is believed that conditions of his release include the use of an ignition interlock device on his car and alcohol monitoring bracelet attached to his ankle. The consequences of a drunk driving conviction are often far-reaching, impacting aspects of a person’s professional, financial and personal life. Often, people in Texas facing such accusations often feel unprepared to make informed decisions about their case, prompting them to seek assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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