Driver Involved in Texas Crash Suspected of Drunk Driving

Car accidents can happen at anytime of the day or night. However, law enforcement officers may be quicker to assume that an accident that happens during the early morning hours, for example, is the result of a driver who is under the influence of alcohol. In fact, a man in Texas is now suspected of drunk driving following a recent crash.

The incident reportedly happened at approximately 1 a.m. on a day in January. According to reports, witnesses spotted a red pickup truck being driven erratically. Reports claim that as the driver — later identified as a 34-year-old man — approached a red light, he accelerated through. Police say that the truck struck a northbound vehicle in the intersection.

All four people in the second vehicle were reportedly injured, with a 5-year-old girl suffering traumatic brain injuries and requiring surgery. Though initially only charged with one count of intoxication assault, a second charge was added as police say that another occupant’s injuries were more serious than previously thought. Neither the driver of the pickup nor his female passenger were injured in the collision.

Texas police say they found evidence in the vehicle indicating that the pair in the pickup truck had been at a sports bar prior to the collision. However, it is unclear how police determined that the man was drunk driving at the time of the collision or what his blood alcohol content was at the time. Though the injuries suffered by the occupants of the northbound vehicle are tragic, there must be sufficient evidence to prove the man’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order for him to be convicted of the charges he is facing.

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