Minor Traffic Stop in Texas Leads to Possession, Other Charges

When faced with a confrontation with a law enforcement officer, many people are unsure about their rights. Even if they do have a vague awareness of what their rights may be, they may feel intimidated, impacting their willingness to assert themselves. Unfortunately, three people in Texas now face drug possession charges, among others, and may be unsure if their rights were violated in the events leading up to their arrest.

Police claim they pulled over a sports utility vehicle for what they described as a minor traffic violation on a night in late July. Reports indicate that the stop happened in an area that police characterize as a “known drug area.” The three people in the vehicle, according to police, were also “known drug users.”

Apparently because of these factors, officers conducted what they termed a “limited-scope search.” As part of that search, reports allege, police discovered meth, codeine and drug paraphernalia, including straws, baggies, scales and pipes. The three occupants of the SUV were taken into custody.

All three face charges of manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance. A 29-year-old woman is also charged with possession of marijuana. Despite their arrest and the subsequent charges, it is unclear what exactly prompted the Texas traffic stop. It is often beneficial to have an experienced criminal defense attorney carefully examine the details of a case to ensure that the rights of the defendants were not violated. If unlawful treatment is suspected, these professionals will know what action to take.

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