What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Actually Do For Me?

We hear it almost daily from potential clients that call to inquire about our services. What does hiring a defense attorney do for me? Can you guarantee a dismissal? If you can’t guarantee a dismissal, why should I pay you? We’ve probably answered these questions over 100 times over the last calendar year alone, which indicates to us that this is something that many people clearly don’t know. So what can a criminal defense attorney do for you?

Often times in criminal cases there is no one on your side. The first and most important thing we can do for you is be in your corner as the only one standing between you and the state of Texas. Let’s take the picture attached with the article. This is a pretty well-known picture from Tiananmen Square, with a few editorial editions. This is telling, because if you are charged with a crime, the State has the power of the tanks behind it. They have almost unlimited resources, law enforcement brotherhood on their side, multiple photos and documents they’ll try to use against you, complaining witnesses determined to have you thrown in jail, etc. They can and will use all of this against you. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony, the State has the force of multiple tanks behind them, which leaves you in an extremely vulnerable position.

What does a defendant have? He doesn’t have tanks. He doesn’t have defensive walls. He has his lawyer. He has a lawyer who has over his career become an expert in minimizing or eliminating tank damage. Defense attorneys have years of experience and knowledge that allow them to help clients fight off those tanks from the State using skillful argument, legal precedent, and of course, that great document called the Constitution. We are the only ones standing in the way.

In addition to being there for you at every step of the legal proceeding, we will give you an in-depth analysis of your case, access the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and inform you of any potential procedural or legal violations by the police or prosecution. We will then advise you of the potential courses of action, which may include motions to suppress evidence in your case, plea bargain negotiations, or trial. At trial, our goal is to raise doubt as to your guilt and we will fight to preserve the notion of innocence until proven guilty. That’s why we are the Defenders of the Defenseless.

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