Motor Vehicle Accidents: The Importance of Seeking Medical Care

With the prevalence of texting and social media, motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted drivers are on the rise. These accidents can cause a wide range of injuries to virtually any part of your body depending on the circumstances of the crash and the severity of the impact. But there is not always a direct relationship between the harshness of the collision and the seriousness of the injury.

You have probably heard stories about motor vehicle crashes in which a car was completely totaled but the driver miraculously walked away unharmed. These incidents are definitely not the norm. On the other hand, and more commonly, a relatively minor car accident could result in major injuries that cause a lifetime of problems for the driver or passenger.

Additionally, not all injuries from a car accident are apparent right away. As a result of trauma, your body reflexively produces hormones called endorphins, which act as painkillers. Due to the excitement of the accident and the production of these endorphins, you may not know right away that you have been injured. In fact, it is quite common for someone involved in a car accident to not feel the effects of his injuries for days, and sometimes even weeks, after the accident.

If you suspect that you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you should immediately seek medical attention at a hospital. This means receiving treatment for injuries you suspect you have, and requesting a precautionary examination for injuries you may have that are not so obvious. A precautionary examination is particularly important in the case of a low speed or low damage collision, as most assume these types of collisions do not cause injuries.

This initial medical evaluation will also assist you later when it’s time to recover damages for your medical bills from the responsible party, as insurance companies may treat gaps from the date of the accident until you actually begin treatment as a sign that you must not have been that injured.

The first and most important concern after any motor vehicle accident should always be proper treatment and recovery from your injuries. The next important concern is then properly valuing and settling your claim. Once you have been brought back to a pre-injury state of health physically, an attorney skilled in personal injury matters can make sure that you are not rear-ended financially and will fight to get you what is fair based on your injuries, incurred medical bills, lost wages, potential future medical treatments, and pain and suffering.

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